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Overseas Business Department

Our Overseas Business Department moves shipments at sea with general cargo carriers mainly in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and other Asian waters. In particular, we boast a history of more than 60 years in transporting steel products between Japan and Thailand. With 130 voyages a year, we enjoy a considerable share on the route.

From Southeast Asia, meanwhile, we carry sugar, dolomite, gypsum, coal, rice and other commodities to Japan, South Korea and China. In recent years, we have been handling new cargoes, such as palm kernel shells (PKS) and wood pellets—both of which are used for biomass power generation—and others.

Owning a sufficient number of vessels to transport such shipments and respond to local port status quo, we provide safe and expeditious short-sea services. Having newly acquired small handysize ships under our management, we do business worldwide, catering to the Pacific, Indian, Atlantic and other oceans.

Overseas Business Department TEL:+81-3-6222-8996

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